"Shizu" Shidou is "Mariya" Shidou's twin sister. She attends an all boys school which was also run by the ex-chairman. Her actual name is, in fact, Mariya. However, due to constantly having to be disguised as her brother Shizu, she uses his name.

Appearance Edit

Disguised as Shizu

Disguised as Shizu

Shizu is mostly seen disguised as her brother. When disguised as him, she wears the standard uniform for male students. This composes of a white shirt, along with a gray vest accompanied by a black striped tie. To further the disguise, she wears her hair short, as her brother normally would.

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Mariya's actual appearance

However, her actual appearance, is a gorgeous young lady with long blonde hair, and a captivating appearance. Her hair has two long pigtails on each side. She has dark pink eyes, and a mole under her right eye.

Personality and Characteristics Edit

When she takes on the role of Shizu, she acts as an ill tempered, spoiled boy would. She pulls this off very well. Well enough to fool everyone she knows.

However, as herself, Mariya is a kind girl with a big heart. She is what her brother can only attempt to display when he disguises himself as her. It has been shown on multiple occasions that she is a very emotional person. She not only gets her feelings hurt easily, but she despises having to cross dress as her brother very much. Doing so brings great distress and sadness to her. Her brother, however, does not mind cross dressing as her nearly as much. Of course, she continue's to do so in order to fulfill her grandmother's wishes. She looks forward to the day the cross dressing will come to an end, and she can be herself all the time.

Due to being forced to attend an all boys school, she is constantly surrounded by boys. However, she does not get along with them well. Similarly to Kanako, she has a rather large hatred/fear of males. This, of course, brings even more distress to her.

She gets along with other girls very easily. Any time her brother generously allows her to switch back with him in order to attend the school she was originally enrolled into, she is always anxious to speak with her old friends. Of course, to them, she has always been there. However, what they don't realize, is that they've only been with her brother all this time. She seems to get along with Kanako more than any other girl, much to both of their delights. Her closeness to Kanako is shown with her giving Kanako the nickname, Kana-chan.

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